An aura is a ray of light that illuminates from a persons body. It is an electromagnetic energy that many people can see. There are different colours of auras that have different meanings. Some can see them in colour and some can just see a brite light. An aura can give you a glimpse of a persons personality and some insight into someones mind and soul.

How to read and see the aura?

It is very easy to see your aura. All you have to do is dim the lights, maybe light a few candles and play some soft music and place you hand on a black surface. Concentrate and focus. Look around your hand. You should be able to see a ray of light of some kind forming around your hand. In time, you may be able to see colours. Once you are able to see your own aura, start to look at other peoples auras. It may take some time before you'll be able to see them without having to "zone-out" a bit, but don't worry, it will happen For more information on auras and their meanings read: WHAT COLOUR IS YOUR AURA? By Barbara Bowers, Ph.D. It is an excellent book that delves deep into the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the human aura.

BLUE: Blues possess the characteristics of a nuturing and caring person. They are the colour most concerned with helping other people. In doing acts of kindness, they feel fufilled, valued and a feeling of worth. Giving plays an important role in their lives. Blue is a female energy and reflects the aspect of feminine energy-the ability to get in touch with one's feelings. One will rarely find a man with a Blue aura. Blues often spend too little time and attention on their own spiritual and emotional growth and they can find it difficult to say no and mean it. Blues greatest gift is their highly developed intuition. They are extremely sensitive to the emotional vibrations of others. Blues are very emotional, altruistic, sensitive, conciderate, reliable, trustworthy and imaginative. They love giving gifts, are deeply touched by sunsets and cry when they're angry. Blues are team leaders, supportive, good listeners, earger to help others, spiritual, assertive ans are proned to headaches when under stress.

Compatibility With Other Colours Blues are introspective and intuitive, whereas Reds and Oranges are hedonistic, physical and spontanious. A Blue would rather spend time cuddled up beside a warm fire whereas a Red or an Orange would rather or roller-blading or hiking. Greens become impatient with the indecieveness of a Blue. Blues and Violets make a dynamic duo because they both have similar wants and aspirations. Blues and Yellows both benefit by settling down early in life and they can satsify each other.

RED: Physical and sexual expression is the hallmark of a Red. The key to success for Reds is to act on what they know about physical reality and the tangible environment. Reds are literal in their interpretation of what goes on around them. They are not abstract thinkers and they pursue life head first. They identify with the world by interacting with the physical environment. Their reality is tangible: if they can see, hear, taste, touch and smell it, then it is real. The most powerful aspect of Reds is their ability to be in the world and the ability to manage the aspects and realities of everyday living with self-confidence and assurance. They are down-to-earth, unaffraid of hard work, patient, they love action and hate being still. They never hold a grudge and they never worry about money.

Compatibility With Other Colours Any realitionships with Oranges, Magentas or other Reds can experience conflicts. All three are fiercely independent and don't make the best pair. Reds and Yellow make a good couple. They both live in the now, the sex would be great and they have traits that balence well. Greens make for a good partner for a Red. Greens are very creative and imaginative and Reds are fascinated with their agile minds. Blues and Reds are an oil and water combination. Blues are emotional and physicaly passive whereas Reds are physically active and emotionally unavailable to develop the deep.

YELLOW: Yellows are restless, addicted to smoking or caffine, etc. They need an active sex life and a lot exercise and are very susceptible to knee, elbow, back and shoulder injuries. They are the most childlike personalities in the aura spectrum. Yellows are bright and creative, happy, lovable, eager to please, affectionate, full of fun, loyal and trustworthy. They are also open, naive, childlike and spontaneous. Yellows need family, home, security and a sense of belonging.

GREEN: Greens are intellectually intense, productive, creative, organizers, planners, bright, strategists and self-conscience. Abstract thinkers and analyicle, Green's minds are agitated and leap to outcomes. They dislike hard, physical labour, but they are intelligent, quick-witted, rational and logical. Greens are naturally ingenious, constant rearranging mental information and they look at like as it's a puzzel to be solved. They become compulsive, controlling and ridgid when they feel threatened, out of control, emotionally threatened or fear. Greens often threaten to commit suicide in order to get a hold of things. They are interested in ideas and by nature, are not nurturers. They hate emotional demands and are seldom outgoing. They are also perfect examples of a workaholic and a perfectionist.

ORANGE: Uplifting and absorbing. Inspiring. A sign of power. Abilitiy and/or desire to control people. When orange becomes a strong point, it usually contributes to a yellow halo, which then becomes gold.

VIOLET: Violets give guilt. They are dependent on people to do them things. The are single-minded, possessive, frugal, extremely intelligent, very critical and the always ask "why?" Violets are theorists, their emotions run deep. They see with passion. They may seem cold and arrogant, but this is a defence to their vulnerability. They act strong, confident and self-sufficient, when in fact, they are not. They doubt themselves and many people ridicule them. They are very sensitve and intuitive and enjoy foreplay. Violets are capable, confident, energetic, demanding, selfish and great leaders.

BLACK: This is a very negative colour to find in some ones's aura. It can represent malice, hatred, pessimistic thinking, or ill health. It is the absence of positive energies in the mental, physical, and/or emotional bodies.

WHITE: Brilliant white, with a blue crystalline tinge, (like fresh-fallen snow). The colour of life essence, and therefore a sign of high spiritual attunement. As you move into an enlightened space, the colours that signal the event are sky-blue, gold, and crystal-white, usually in that order.

SILVER: The triggering intuitive and creative channeling, including artistic endeavours such as music and writing.

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